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Not to mention Covid!
How are you all? Has your life changed due to the epidemic?
Do you think things will ever return to how they were? Do you want things to be, as they were? Did you find that time out from the usual rush, had the benefit of giving you time to notice and appreciate nature, art, or allowed you time to lose yourself in one or more good books?
Yes, an awful and surreal time for us all, but for some, it took circumstances, over which one had no control, to switch off the autopilot.
I hope that we will all take with us, when we eventually return to the rat race, a new attitude and a realisation, that sometimes we need to stop and enjoy the sunset, give time and help for those in our lives who are important to us...and to those strangers who too, could benefit from our help and consideration. We never know how long our loved ones will be with us, or what life will throw at us. Let's change the dynamics. Life is short. Don't waste it. Start anew. Work towards your dreams and make them real but don't live a selfish life, for you come into this world with nothing material, and leave in the same way. Leave your love to live. And while you're at it keep appreciating the arts, for it's ability to enlighten you, direct you or reflect you in a deep and subliminal way.

A smashing Thank You
Having just finished a large involved work of a salmon leaping up a waterfall for a gentleman who's hobby is fishing in Iceland; I have been invited to his house for dinner and to, I'm told, christen the new window, champagne was mentioned. If I arrive to see a bottle of Moet on a rope near the new window then I will start to worry.

Thank you and have a good day

David Wilson