Much of our work at Stately Glass, involves the repair of existing, damaged windows.

Many of our customers claim to have lived with their damaged windows for many years, with the misconceptions that:

​1) The repair cost would be too high.

2) That there isn't a skilled trades-person, able to carry-out the         work to a good standard.

3)​ That it might, actually be better to fit UPVC windows or a           new front door instead,

Stately Glass offers a free survey of your existing stained glass/leaded light windows and provides you with a free estimate.

Many repairs can be carried-out 'in situ' (without the need to remove the panel from the door or casement), whilst some will need to be removed and repaired on a bench.

Most repairs can be carried-out on-site​​, with panels removed, repaired and refitted within the same day, this is cheaper for the customer as it removes the need for the fitting of temporary glass, whilst the panels are away for repair.

* You will find our prices very competitive.
*The work will be carried out to a very high standard.

*With our large stock of reclaimed glass, we can often replace damaged glass 'like for like'​​​ or with a very close match.

*See our 'Sealed unit' page for security, noise/thermal insulation concerns.  Or just give us a call on:
​ 07593 570 428 / 020 8933 2594​​ (day or night)